About Death and Glitter

About Death and Glitter 2017-11-24T19:55:08+00:00

G-Lam and Dirty adopt a playful approach to objects and materials; revelling in the nature of their fetishisation to ‘de-objectify’ and create alternative narratives. Our practice employs deconstruction to explore the figurative/theatrical in as seemingly diverse subjects as football, brutalism, household objects, crop circles, conspiracy theories and Krautrock via video, text, collage, installation and fuzzy felt.

We also like to use deconstruction and pastiche as strategies to subvert existing channels of communication, for instance advertising or public service information leaflets.

Whilst as often as not it is satire and wit that float to the top pathos is usually lurking just beneath the surface.

   2017 Show Me Your Birmingham; Birmingham / PassPort Britania; London / Go Wild in the Country; Bruton Art Factory / Mayday Mayday;
Test Space, Bristol / Fringe Arts Bath / Bad Princess; Frome 2016 Artists Toys; Berlin.